All living organisms react to Love

Delaphrus Food Co.

Our Story

Our story began 21 years ago with a few friends who wanted quality caviar with consistent taste. They realised that the only way to achieve this was a private farm/pool where everything including diet, temperature and quality of water, health of the sturgeon and so on could be monitored. They thus invested and established one of the first private caviar farms in the world. Today it consists of 25 state-of-the-art pools with its own water private source, where sturgeon under constant monitoring of professionals are looked after until they reach maturity (about 8 years).

Happy Working Environment

They applied the same formula to pistachios and saffron for the same reason. Our ethos has always been first and foremost a happy working environment, be it colleagues, customers, suppliers and of course the products. Great care is undertaken to ensure that the sturgeon fish, the saffron crocus (flower) and the pistachio trees are happy; yes, happy.

We believe all living organisms react to love and care and have seen consistently better produce than most of the market as we strive to provide consistent favourable conditions in our environment. We do this by regularly incorporating the latest technology especially in monitoring equipment and analysing the data.

We will never be the biggest producers in any of our products. Our aim has always been and will always be to be amongst the best for taste and ethical and sustainable farming for future generations.